MAREE performed underwater acoustics research and development. This activity is conducted with experimental mehods, suited to the real marine environment.

Those underwater acoustics applications are linked to the civil area (for example the impact studies of offshore renewable energy) and  to the military field of activity (enhancement of SONAR systems for example). Innovations on those fields of activity are based on well-built theoretical approach (physical modelization, numerical simulation) and on in situ reference measurements.

MAREE was founded in 2003 and was pricewinner of the ANVAR (National Agency for Research Promotion) national contest.

With a significant experience in the fields of acoustic propagation, seabed characterization, bubble acoustics, granular media acoustics, our expertise is renowned and customers oftenly request us to take part in R&D projects or to conduct them.




R&D Projects
  • POSA 
  • Air-Sea interface characterization

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