MAREE’s instrumentation set


MAREE has a real knowledge in Underwater Acoustic Instrumentation to carry out quality sea measurements adapted to your needs.

MAREE helps on instrumental design and has a strong experience to conduct sea trials for : 
  • Mammals Detection
  • Buried Object Detection
  • Ambiant Noise Monitoring
  • Sediments Characterization
  • Acoustic Propagation
  • Prototype Tests
Measurement Instrumentation :
  • Passive acoustics : hydrophones, geophones, shock probe, surface buoys, recorders ..
  • Active Acoustics : Low / High Frequency Transducers (Lubell / Airmar) ..
  • Autonomous systems : MAREE implements autonomous acquisition systems.
  • Multi-sensor prototypes : Metrology of the sea ..


Each of these systems can be used individually, or with others to create a network. These instruments are fully customizable, and can be adapted as best as possible to provide answers to different issues.

MAREE has a network of equipment distributors enabling it to carry out in-situ measurements all over the world