Rock-Fragmentation – NRL 2019


As part of the NRL project for the construction of the new coastal road for the GTOI-SBTPC-VCT group, hard terrain requires rock-fragmentation. MAREE participates here as an expert in underwater acoustics to assess the risks associated with the use of buried explosive charges. 

  • Measuring the acoustic intensities in-situ :
    • (i) Closest to the load,
    • (ii) behind the bubble curtain,
    • (iii) at 750 m.
  • Predicting acoustic propagation 
  • Designing bubble curtain features for an optimal attenuation of sound waves emitted  
  • Assisting GTOI to validate the good compliance with the regulations during testing.
  • Refining the propagation model to provide better predicted intensities of the sound produced at 750 m for future operations.