Blasting Operations Monitoring, Yemen


MAREE has conducted acoustic measurements to minimize blasting effects during a gas terminal construction. The aim of the project was to provide the local propagation decreasing law versus range featuring the use of a buried blast, and to make recommendations to protect fauna and flora.

Measurements were designed to provide:
  • Quantitative measures of water shock wave by means of hydrophones located at three ranges (compressional wave analysis),
  • Quantitative measures of soil shock wave by means of a buried 3-axis geophone

Figure 1 : Left, Blast recording with a short range hydrophone (typically 25m of the blast). Right, Blast recording with a medium range geophone with its three components of vibration (typically 200m of the source).

Simulations were done to:

  • Analyse and understand the nature of received signals (by means of CW models and eventually computing synthetic temporal signals),
  • Establish a hierarchy among the physical processes involved with that problem,
  • Provide safety ranges for fauna and flora,
  • Propose mitigation measures to reduce blasting effects
Transmission loss (free-water case)
Transmission loss (buried case)