Buried Object Detection


Magnetic methods only apply to ferromagnetic objects and burial depth is not determined.

Two acoustic methods have been designed by MAREE :
  • One imagery method, easy to apply and delivering quickly the result,
  •  One inversion method, separating efficiently insulated scatterers from strata reflection, allowing detection and localization of buried objects (UXO or cable)
Imaging Method


An image processing algorithm, based on a fast pseudo synthetical aperture method, is applied to acoustic data on a horizontal array and reveals scatterers pixels.


Augmented geoacoustical inversion :



A SCAMPI based geoacousical inversion reveals the stratification of the sub-seafloor. Then, an additional processing is applied to handle with scattering phenomena to detect and localize buried objects.


  • Allow to detect all kind of object, including non ferromagnetic objets
  • Complementarity with magneic methods,
  • Suited to the following step of classification


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