MICAS Project – Sediments

MICAS (Modeling and Instrumentation for the Acoustic Characterization of Sediments) is a project carried by the company MAREE and subsidized by the DGA under the RAPID (support system for dual innovation). It is carried out in partnership with RTSYS and IRENaV (Ecole Navale), with the active participation of SHOM. This project aims to build geoacoustic relationships adapted to marine sediments. Begun in 2014, it will last 30 months.
The Project :
  • Realize innovative modular instrumentation dedicated to geoacoustics; celerometer measuring the speed and attenuation of sound in sediments, geoacoustic module collecting all the elements needed for studies, innovative sensors for measuring shear and gradient
  • Develop a database through systematic measurements of various marine environments
  • Assemble and analyze the results obtained to form the geo-acoustic relations adapted to the finest to the coarsest marine sands
  • To highlight the actual physical mechanisms predominant in the sediments saturated with water, to refine the existing physical models, to define the tools of characterization of the sediments most adapted to the acoustic needs.